About us

We are a Portuguese brand that was created during the pandemic crisis, which made us rethink our frenetic lifestyle and our impulsive choices.

The pandemic isolation remembered us the importance of the nature, its strenght, and the impact it can have in our lives. The need to reinvent ourselves combined with the power of creativity gave birth to Haura.

We believe that investing in high quality, timeless, long-lasting, full of memories pieces, proudly crafted in Portugal with environmental awareness, make us more inspiring and enables us to take good care of all people involved in this process and our planet.

We privilege quality over quantity and offer versatile, elegant and comfortable pieces. This way, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint and to reduce overconsumption offering pieces that can have suit many different outfits and people. To this end we reduce the number of sizes available and work on adaptable models, so that you can use it and share it how and with anyone you want.

We want you to explore your creative side and to adapt our products in a way that better fits your style. We aim to show that having environmental and social awareness also means elegance and sophistication and boosts our creativity. The lightness of having less makes us more.

We are all creative by nature.

Join us on this journey for a more creative and conscious planet.